Water Safety for This Summer

Kristin Pyle, Reporter

Summer vacation is quickly approaching and with it comes the season of lake days, going out on boats, swimming, paddle boarding, and a lot of other activities around the water. It is always important to be safe around the water. Every year in the U.S. there are an average of 4,000 fatalities related to boating accidents and water activities in the summer. Many incidents can be prevented by following Washington state’s water safety rules and regulations. Water Safety for lakes, rivers and oceans follows similar sets of rules including knowing the water, knowing your limits, wearing a life jacket that fits you, and being prepared. The Washington States Department of Health stresses the fact that these bodies of water are not pools and the water conditions can quickly change. No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, the water could still be too cold and send you into shock. Do not operate a boat or swim if you are intoxicated, nearly 70% of the fatalities involve alcohol use from adolescents and adults. If you are smart and responsible near the water this summer, you can prevent many incidents from occurring.