Lakes Guilty Pleasures!


Rieley Peak, Reporter

Lakes staff and lancers were asked about their guilty pleasures and these were their responses:

“Unbuttoning my pants in any public situation when I feel Bloated.”

“Cleaning my nose with a q-tip.”

“Watching trash tv like Real Housewives.”

“I play Fortnite in 2023.”

“Spending money on video games.”

“listening to Disney songs.”

“I like hitting people with my car.”

Note: We do NOT condone vehicular violence!!

“I stay up late and read books.”


“Preforming Hamilton in my room.”

“Mystery books.”

“Making voices for my pets and talking to them in the voice.”

“Secretly enjoy The Greatest Showman.”

“Food and quick dopamine.”

“Dressing up as Darth Vader.”

“I like embroidery.”


“Apple fritters.”

“pretending to be a housewife.”

“Making people think they’re chasing me when I drive.”

“Feeling like I need to race any nice car.”

“Not staying up late.”

“Hello Kitty.”