Summer Jobs

Cartoon image of girl on the beach

Gigi Torres, Reporter

As we all know the school year is coming to an end, while on the other hand summer is just about to begin! This is very exciting to go on summer break and just relax and hang out with friends and family. Summer is where most people just stay at home or be outside because of nice weather. On the other hand, you might have free time during this long summer break.

When you have a lot of free time, you should think about getting a summer job. I know you are probably reading this and wondering why would I want to work if I just got out of school. Well summer jobs can be really fun.

Some people may be wondering why should we do it. In my opinion, having a summer job is very convenient. I think this because when you want to hang out with friends you will have money to spend with them.

The most popular jobs in the summer that aren’t full time is:

  • Life guards at the pool $15.74 per hour
  • Movie Clerk $15-$17 per hour
  • Host/Hostess $15.89-$17.90 seat guests at restaurants
  • Dog Walker $15.42 per hour
  • Babysitter $14 per hour
  • Camp counselor $19.60 per hour

These few jobs would be so much fun to do during the summer! These are great starter jobs too if you have never worked before. All these jobs don’t require any experience of working. Hopefully everyone this summer considers a summer job because they are very beneficial!