Students Not Allowed to Walk at Graduation Around the Country

Kristin Pyle, Reporter

It is the season for graduations and with that comes a lot of stress. Having all your assignments turned in and making sure you have everything you need to graduate with your class. So, it would be upsetting if after all that work you did to walk across the stage you were not allowed to because of what you were wearing. In a Florida high school over 30 students were denied their graduation walk because their shoes and shirts did not meet the “professional attire” requirements. At another high school in Mississippi a trans student was told she must follow the male dress code to walk the stage. At the same school, a girl wore a white shirt and black pants. She was pulled away from the ceremony and was told that if she wanted to walk, she would have to remove her pants, leaving her in just her underwear and shirt. Some states have also not allowed students to walk with culturally significant items like stoles with flags from their family’s country. Dress coding at graduation has occurred in many other states in the U.S. as well and has disrupted many graduations, leaving a stain on what should have been a joyous occasion.