Mrs. Mauer-Smith is leaving lakes


Mylie mason and Ava Eckley

As many already know as well as staff our principal Mrs. Mauer-Smith will be leaving Lakes after 16 years to become an itinerary principal for Clover Park School District. An itinerary principal is a fill in principal which would use her 16 years to better benefit the district. Before she was a principal, she happened to teach English as well as Social Studies at many schools in the Tacoma School District as well as coaching Freshman Fastpitch. In honor of her taking another step into her career, as a part of the Lancer student body, we decided to dedicate a farewell to her and the many years into her future of an Itinerary principal across the board. A few words from Mrs. Mauer-Smith herself, as she explains why she has made the difficult decision to leave our school as well as a message to the students and staff here at lakes.

“I’m really proud of my students and staff this is an amazing place It was incredible from the start I just love the personalities and I’m so proud of the abilities that you guys have and that all the teachers have even through some pretty tough times, keep taking care of each other and keep being a family and hold each other up.”

This was very emotional for her, just showing how much she really cares for not only our school but the people and potentials within the school. She is an amazing principal and will be missed very dearly.

Although she happens to be leaving Lakes, she is not ending her education career, we wish her well into the new chapter of her life.