Ending the School Year Right


Lyla Combs, Writer

As a fellow high schooler, I too am aware that the end of the year brings much stress and lack of motivation. Although we may be exhausted from state testing to finals week coming up, we must think about studying and ending our school year correctly.

Things To Get Done:

-Schoolwork should be thoroughly completed and well thought through.

-Turn in work on time.

-Fully prepare for tests.

-Use your good study habits learned throughout the year.

-Buy a yearbook

-Get friends’ socials or numbers to stay in touch over the summer

-Thank teachers for their hard work

-Email or communicate with teachers about grading and work.

-Pay school fines and return library books as soon as possible

The school year may have felt long, it may have felt short, but it is not over yet. In order to ensure a peaceful and exciting summer, free of stress, we must do what  we can now to get our grades up or maintain our good grades. Thank you Lancers for such an amazing 2022-2023 school year and lets finish it off strong!