2023 Prom!!


This year we had our first normal prom since covid and ASB did an amazing job putting it together. We went around the school to ask students and teachers their thoughts on the night.

Everyone was very pleased with the venue at Chambers Bay. The views were beautiful and having the indoor-outdoor venue created good separation for dancing and talking with friends.

We heard nothing but positive input on everyone’s outfits. The average outfit rating from students was an 8! We were excited to see everyone dressed up and show an amazing side of them that we have never seen before!

A highlight of prom night was Ms. Morgans outfit reviews. She gave honest and very straightforward ratings on everyone’s outfits! Many students said that she should be a chaperon to every dance because she brought all the right vibes!

Unfortunately, the original DJ got into a car accident a couple of hours before prom and was not able to attend. A friend of the DJ’s took over for him to try and save the night.

ASB put in a lot of effort into making sure that prom night was as best as it could have been. From the venue to the food, they planned everything to help us have a fun time. A couple of improvements for next year that students recommended were to provide lighting outside and to have more seating inside and outside. Everything else was amazing. Thank you ASB for your efforts.