2023 Rotary Educator of the Month Award Winner Mr. Shultis


Ben Shultis receiving Rotary Educator of the Month Award in April

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

The Lakewood Rotary Club has been around for more than 110 years and promotes using passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on multiple topics and opinions about subjects such as literacy, peace, water, and health to better the community and world. With about 1.4 million members worldwide, the Rotary community promotes action and community building consistently.

Mr. Shultis has been in the Clover Park School District for 24 years, with his first two years at Clover Park High School, he has been at Lakes High School for the last 22 years. His devotion to the Lakes community has been so great that he received the Rotary Educator Award for the month of April! Shultis received this award for the compassionate and kind environment he has given all of his students. Shultis has multiple Japanese classes that he teaches and outside of the classroom he is the Knowledge Bowl advisor. Shultis has been recognized for the sense of community he brings his students through events such as Japan Fest, while also giving activities to his Knowledge Bowl students and helping them build relationships with their peers.

“I was nominated because of Japan Fest 2023, and I was honored to accept the award even though my students did all of the work! There are great things happening at Lakes—if you know where to look.”

— Ben Shultis

Along with the award Shultis won, he also received a free lunch and a $100 bill. The last Lakes teacher to win this award was Ms. Matsuda!

Thank you Mr. Shultis for all you do!

Ben Shultis's Rotary Club of Lakewood Educator of the Month Award for April
Ben Shultis’s Educator of the Month Award in April from the Rotary Club of Lakewood (Ben Shultis)