Lindh in the Limelight


Ava Bedker.

Heart of the Lancer. Mr. D. Love! (Peep hector in the bottom left corner)

Mr. Lindh, one of our Vice Principles, took the time to sit down with and answer some questions. He always tries to have connections with students and makes sure they are enjoying their time at school, so we wanted to give him the spotlight.  

Mr. Lindh has been serving as vice principal at lakes since 2015, for over 8 years! 

There is a lot of preparation that takes place before holding the position of vice principal. The steps Mr. Lindh took to become vice principal included earning his master’s degree in education, having an internship in Kent, and being a dean of students for 2 years. 

His early career included teaching. He emphasized that he had a lot to learn. His strengths were being able to connect with students but was not able to connect them with their learning.  

His favorite part about the job is you! The students! As the vice principle, being able to be even a small part of the students’ successes is something that he looks forward to.  

Mr. Lindh’s favorite memory from this school year is the culture day assembly we had last week. He loved seeing the way that students got to embrace their culture and even cried watching how receptive the crowd was.  

One of his favorite all-time memories was being goateed into jumping out of an airplane. (Picture in his office)  

Something Mr. Lindh is looking forward to next year is the opportunity to rebrand lakes, new staff and a new freshman, a new beginning. It is time to shed the disappointments from covid. He is ready to move on from the “normal” of the past and start a new chapter.  

He always tries to make one last lasting impact on the senior class before they leave for their next chapter. His goal? Kill them with kindness.  

Mr. Lindh is one of the most caring and kind people in our school. He puts a lot of effort into making connections with students and helping them achieve their success. We are excited to see what is to come in the upcoming years. We thank you Mr. Lindh for all that you do, and all that you will do in the future!