May Day Rally in Seattle


Ken Lambert/ The Seattle Times

People participating in the annual May Day Rally in Seattle

Kristin Pyle, Reporter

On Monday, the people of Seattle held their annual May 1st March and Rally for Immigrant and Workers’ Rights. This event is organized and sponsored by a local civil rights group called El Comite and is joined by many of Seattle’s labor groups. The rally calls for “better pay and greater dignity” in the workplace. While we have seen a change since the pandemic and before that time, many believe there is still more to be done. Around 400 people gathered for the day near the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building. Some of the speeches people made spoke of a pathway to citizenship, action on climate change, raising minimum wage, securing abortion access, protections for organizing workers, and much more. May Day was created in 1886 when 300,000 workers held a walk-out from their jobs to protest cruel working conditions and has grown into a day we use to commemorate the struggles and achievements of our workers. The people of Seattle have used this day for that reason and calling action to other injustices or problems the country is currently dealing with today. It is an honorable way to recognize and utilize the historical day.