Shereen Bhan: A woman in journalism


Shereen Bhan at a conference

Mylie mason, reporter


Shereen Bhan is an Indian journalist and news anchor she was born august 20th, 1976. Now why her? what is so significant? To me she is so significant because she is changing the game for women in journalism and feminism. As a woman of color in the news and journalism field she is very influential to young girls who see her work on the broadcast network. She is very accomplished for being at such a young age, therefore she is a very impressionable young woman. She has used her platform as a journalist to raise awareness about issues affecting women in India.

She has spoken out about the need for more women in leadership positions and has highlighted  the challenges that women face in the workplace, such as gender bias and unequal pay. She has also interviewed many successful women entrepreneurs and business leaders, showcasing their achievements and inspiring other women to follow in their footsteps.


In addition to her work as a journalist, Bhan has been actively involved in several initiatives aimed at empowering women. She is a member of the Governing Council of the Indian School of Business, which has a strong focus on promoting gender diversity and women’s leadership. She is also a mentor to many young women and has spoken at several events aimed at inspiring the next generation of female leaders.


Overall, Bhan’s work as a journalist and her advocacy for gender equality have made a significant contribution to the feminist movement in India. She has used her platform to raise awareness about important issues affecting women and has inspired many young women to pursue their dreams and break down barriers.

Shereen Bhan is a very influential person in journalism and feminism. She has opened many opportunity’s for women in India and is a great role model for young girls who see her on tv.