Fantasmic in Flames


Tim Turensek/Reuters

Disneyland’s Animatronic Dragon in Flames on Tom Sawyer Island

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Fantasmic is a live night-time show that is displayed at Disneyland in Anaheim, California year round, this show is located on Disney’s Tom Sawyer Island (directly across the River of America from New Orleans Square). The show consists of fireworks, characters, live actors, lasers, music, decorated boats, pyrotechnics, and other fun water effects. Fantasmic was first introduced to Disneyland in 1992 and sets the scene of Mickey Mouse suddenly being pulled into a magic mirror. After this, Mickey’s dreams take a dark turn as he finds out the Evil Queen from Snow White has conjured some of Disney’s most dangerous villains, including Maleficent’s 45-foot fire-breathing dragon.

On Saturday night towards the end of the show on April 22nd, this 45-foot animatronic dragon went up in flames and any performer on Tom Sawyer Island was quickly evacuated. No deaths or injuries were reported. There is still currently an investigation underway of why this fire could have started, until then, Disneyland has put out a public statement stating that they are temporarily suspending fire effects similar to those used at Fantasmic and other Disney attractions. Disneyland reiterates that safety is the upmost important thing to not only guests but also staff. There is no update yet of when this attraction will be continued.