Behind the scenes of journalism


Shereen Bhan at a conference

Gioavnna Robles, reporter

As a reader or someone who enjoys watching the news, reading articles, or even watching sports news channels, you just listen to the information that is given. But do we really know the background of that influential journalist? It is important as the readers that we know who is giving us this information. 

Shereen Bhan is a 46-year-old female Indian reporter as well as a news anchor, who focuses on reporting India businesses and the nation businesses. Bhan is also the Delhi Bureau Chief as well as executive head of CNBC-TV18 in India. In April 2005 Bhan was awarded the FICCI women of the year award, she is known to add a little bit of glamour to the journalism field. She was included in the women’s magazine in early September of 2005 with 20 Beautiful faces of the year. Bhan has been experiencing the world of journalism for over 20 years now. She spent 14 of those years following different events and policy news that define landscaping in India. Bhan attended college at St. Stephens and majored Philosophy and a masters in communication studies.  

Bhan has been recognized for her commitment to her work and her desire to be a journalist and an influence on her readers. Since becoming manager In September of 2013 Bhan has made even more major accomplishments from there.  Shereen currently has a Net Worth of 50 million dollars. Bhan started her small career as a researcher for Karan Thapar, and now is a manager with a Net Worth of 50 million dollars. She makes around 1.5 million dollars a month. Bhan has become an inspiration to many young teenage girls who aspire to be journalists in their future.