Month of the Military Child


Lyla Combs and Ava Eckley

April is the month of the Military Child! A military child is a child of a parent or guardian that is active duty or recently retired from any branch of military. It is extremely important to encourage and show our love and appreciation for military children and families because of the pain and hardships they go through for their family member to be protecting and fighting for our country.

Although the military member fighting is facing trials each day and we should be doing everything we can for their safety and making them feel appreciated, military families deal with different hardships, but they are also difficult. A parent or guardian in deployment, in training, in a different country can cause serious emotional distress that will need all our help and comfort we can to support them.

Things we can do to help military children is simply asking how they are doing, getting them help when needed, being a listening ear and a friend. Over 1.6 million children are military, there are people all around you. They also move often, on average every 2-3 years, we can easily be a welcoming friend and help the change be slightly less difficult for them. People can dedicate a week to wearing purple, the color representing to honor military children. We also thank ASB for making daily announcements all month informing us and supporting the military children all around the school, simply making us more aware of the people around us and what they are going through.

Our school is filled with military children who deserve to be recognized for their sacrifices, so let us show our appreciation for them as we go through this special month, and continue this throughout the years to come.