Hu Shuli

Beverley Kirkwood, Reporter

Journalism is one of the ways that people can use their freedom of speech and press. Living in a country like America, where little of the content is filtered and restrained, is one of the advantages of being a journalist in America. Living in countries like North Korea, or China in this example makes it so that the content that you may share is extremely filtered. Hu Shuli is one of the most iconic figures in journalism history that displayed boldness. She is the founder and currently the editor-in-chief of Caixin media which she founded in 2009, and teaches a professor at Sun Yet-Sen University.

China is known to be one of the most restrictive countries in the world, often relying on censorship and filtering to control their image in media, news, and social media. The government has strict policies and laws enforced to force Chinese journalists to censor their work. In 2017, 38 journalists were arrested in China. China blocks many foreign websites, including social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What has Hu Shuli done for journalism?

Before founding Caijiung, a business and finance magazine which she was an editor-in-chief for 11 years, she was a chief reporter and an international editor of China Business Times. Hu was often referred to as “the most dangerous woman in china” due to her emphasis on aggressive and straight to the point investigative reporting. Due to all of the restrictions that China is known to have, she is well respected for pushing beyond the limits of press freedom in such a strict country. Hu is known for her boldness exemplified by her investigation work on fraud and corruption, often publishing articles that ranged from bribery to well-thought-out critique of government policies.

Hu Shuli has earned great respect from fellow journalists, even earning one of the spots in the top 100 most influential and the top 100 most powerful people in the world. She also earned the title of being one of the World’s Greatest Leaders by Fortune.

Journalists today have gained lots of encouragement and courage due to Hu’s bravery and boldness.