Washington trying to ban toxic chemicals in beauty supplies

Gigi Torres

Beauty supplies have been around for a very long time. A lot of people use these beauty products every day. The question is do people really know what they are putting on their face. Some makeup brands have some toxic chemicals in their makeup and even some hair supplies. 

The state of Washington is trying to ban toxic chemicals in all these beauty supplies. We may put makeup on our skin and not care, but it is deeper than that they go beyond our skin and get absorbed into our bodies. So, it can be very surprising that some products contain dangerous chemicals like lead and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can make you at risk for cancer. Formaldehyde is in nail polish and nail polish remover.  

The Department of Ecology did test out like 50 products and tested them. Some products can have formaldehyde just not as much. The state of Washington wants zero formaldehyde in any of the beauty products. Some people do say “Beauty is pain.” The DOE said, “but it shouldn’t be deadly.”  

Toxic free future is backing House Bill 1047, which would ban toxic chemicals from personal care in Washington. 

Beauty supplies ready to be tested.