Teaching Children about the Past


Makayla Comoza, Reporter

An anti-racism film was taken down in a school in Florida after parent’s complaints for it teaching children that “white people hate black people” this is not the first time parents have complained about teachers playing films or teaching students about racism. They claim that since it “happened so long ago” it shouldn’t be taught to students. Especially young students because the students might blame themselves for what happened in the past to black people or people of color.

Their main case was that their children shouldn’t be suggested to violence that took place in the past. This topic has been discussed heavily throughout the last past couple years with some people thinking that we shouldn’t teach students about slavery or racism period, that it should be as if cut out of school programs entirely. That we should be teaching students about the more “uplifting points” in the past and not focus merrily on the slavery and racism and brutality and so on and so forth.

Others think that this needs to be taught in school. Its apart of not only black history but our history as people as a whole, if we start picking and pulling bits and pieces out of history will it even be history anymore? Good bad pretty or ugly it was a period humanity went through, and many people look at it as a teaching moment to teach students how far we’ve come as people and how we’ve came together.

I’m sure many of us look at it a different way some of us may agree that the teachings of racism and slavery are not necessary because it was in the past. And many others agree that racism is a recurring issue and its taught nobody’s born racist they think it’s okay by their upbringing, or friends, or surroundings but with these films and history and teachings it could put a spin on someone’s point of view. It could change the way they think about people of different ethnic backgrounds, families, cultures. it could help people understand that at the end of the day we are all people with emotions and feelings.

It can be very opinionated, so I’ll ask you, do you think anti racism films are necessary? If so, why do you think that?


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