Tulip Town


Tulips in tulip town ready to put in vases.

Gigi Torres, Reporter

As we all know spring has officially started in the state of Washington. Which means there are going to be a lot of pretty flowers blooming. If you love flowers you should go to Tulip Town. 

Tulip Town is in Skagit Village, this will go through April 1 to the 30th. This will be such a good place to go and see pretty flowers bloom during the month of April. Tulip Town also has other activities as well like

  • Old- school trolleys
  • E        njoy local ice cream, coffee, and other treats 
  • You can even browse the flower stand and nursery for plants, pottery, and more. 

The highlight of Tulip Town this year is “awe-inspiring tulip-shaped garden that overflows with a lot of vibrant tulips and charming canal going through the middle of the tulips. There will be over  100,000 tulips this year!

If that is not exciting then this news should be, Tulip town is now dog friendly, so you may bring your dog along on this nice stroll while looking at tulips. For the first time ever, the dogs will have their own dog treat bar, a dog photo contest and professional dog portraits.

This place seems like you will have fun and have an enjoyable time with family and friends. Will you go to Tulip Town this year?