Spring in Lakewood


One of the gardens you can visit at Point Defiance Park.

Erin McDowell, Reporter

The spring season has begun and for us here in Washington that means unpredictable weather. One thing you can count on are these fun spring outings here in Lakewood.

The Lakewold Gardens– Here in Lakewood on Gravely Lake Dr is our own local garden. You can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery on your own or even have guided tour. There are also events going on in the coming weeks held at the Gardens. There is a “spring in its fragrance and colors” Wagner House Art Series starting on March 31st. Another event is a music from home on April 9th. Finally, a veteran’s painting group that meets every 2md and 4th Sunday from 10am-1pm. More information on upcoming events can be found on the Lakewold Garden website. Lakewold Gardens – Expanding access to nature through the arts

Fort Steilacoom Park– Mostly everyone here in Lakewood has visited this park. There are attractions for everyone, a large playground, a lake with a walking path, gazebos for a afternoon picnic, a dog park and even soccer and baseball fields. Although this is a common gathering place its still a great way to get outside with friends and family.

Point Defiance Park– This final location is not in Lakewood, but it is right next-door in Tacoma. There are so many different fun outings at Point defiance, our first though might be the Zoo but there is also Owens Beach, the five-mile drive, nine different gardens, Fort Nisqually, Dune Peninsula and so many outdoor events. you can find out more at Point Defiance Park – Metro Parks Tacoma.

So, this spring get outside and enjoy nature in our own backyard.