National Colon Cancer Awareness Month


Lyla Combs, Reporter

March is the month of Colon Cancer Awareness, where we can all spread awareness for this harmful illness. Throughout the entire year, we should be doing all we can to love, support and spread awareness for those in need.

Colorectal cancer, more commonly known as colon cancer is an illness where cancer is spread throughout your colon, or if in serious stages, can spread throughout other parts of your body.

Almost 20,000 Americans at a young age were diagnosed with colon cancer just three years ago. With the number rising each year, it is important to be aware of the people around you and take action to help.

Showing awareness in general can look like many different things. From just being kinder and more sympathetic with people going through this issue, to getting yourself and family checked and taking a screening test. Wearing blue also helps support colon cancer survivors.

For information on colon cancer facts and how we can raise awareness, you can research the Colon Cancer Coalition (CCC). The CCC encourages everyone to promote prevention and get communities checked for early detection and diagnosis.

Other ways to spread awareness is by simply sharing a personal story about you or someone you know who has experienced or is experiencing colon cancer. Inviting others to donate to the cause is another great way to spread the word. Setting up funds and gifts that can be given to families who have lost a loved one from this cancer or someone going through this trial at the time.

Charities that you can donate to include the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Colon Cancer Foundation, Colon Cancer Coalition, as well as Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Many people, especially high school age, do not like to talk about their illnesses, from cancer to depression to anxiety, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. We need to be aware that everyone is going through serious things that we may not know about. You can simply start by being more kind and being more aware with the people we are constantly surrounded by. Something as serious as colon cancer may be kept quiet, but we must not be quiet about its awareness.