Japan Fest of 2023!


EvaLynn Sias

For another year, Lakes is having its annual Japan Fest! Its being held in the gym Tuesday, March 28 during all lunches. Its event you don’t want to miss. It’s going to have every kind of information you might want to know about Japan. Japan fest has many stands you can go to where there are many games and Japanese snacks that taste very good.  They had this one stand where you can try mochi and it looked really appetizing. The head organizers for Japan fest are Mr. Shultis and his students. From what I recall Mr. Shultis said Japan fest was about appreciating the culture and pop culture of Japan. It was to recognize how influential the pop Culture of Japan is. Japan fest, from what I saw. was packed with students who were interested in it. I enjoyed what I saw going on in the gym. it was very fun and interesting. I hope Lakes does this again next year.