Daffodil Queen 


Daffodil Queen

Gioavnna Robles, reporter

Senior Vivan Llorens was recently crowned daffodil queen representing Lakes Highschool! Vivian is 17 and currently is a running start student at pierce college. She was crowned princess last November. One of the things Vivian did while being crowned princess was complete over 120 hours (about 5 days) of community service. Knowing she still has a year left she plans on to continue interacting with her community a lot more. Doing many hours of community service was a significant factor in Vivian joining the Daffodil Royal court.  

Vivian is a 2LT and a platoon leader in JROTC. She is also a member of the archery and raiders teams. Vivian is currently a member of the National Honors Society and was also recognized by the college board foundation as a National Hispanic Scholar. She was noticed as a presidential scholar by Vanguard University, awarded a certificate of recognition by the Lakewood city mayor. Vivian is also an ambassador for pierce county. I think we can all say she has worked extremely hard for this moment and deserves to be Daffodil queen. The Daffodil festival began back in 1934 and is a pierce county tradition. They provide you with community service, educational training, and leadership opportunities to the community and the annual parade. This year’s parade is on April 1st 

To qualify for Daffodil queen, you must have a 3.2 GPA or higher, and take at least one class at your high school. After being nominated for the running of Daffodil princess, you will have to go through a panel interview, and give a speech. Vivian was interviewed by the Lakewood city mayor. Becoming queen means you are running against another princess who wants to be queen from other high schools. There were 24 girls running in total. Vivian had to give a speech and receive impromptu questions and an informal interview before the panel interview.  

In 1934, was when the Daffodil festival first began, and has ever since been an honored tradition of pierce county. Vivian is our 4th Daffodil queen for lakes high school. We had 3 others in 1971, 1986, and 2004. We are proud to say that Vivian is our 4th Daffodil queen and has worked very hard and deserved this moment. Congratulation’s Vivian!