Softball Team 2023!!


The Lakes Softball is up and going! The season started on February 27th and they had their first game last Wednesday March 15th against Washington High School. They played very well and won the game 21-1. In their first game of the season they came in strong getting BIG hits, in the defensive every position did a great job in their roles catching pop fly balls, getting the balls to make outs, and also got to practice many double plays. That was just the start, but unfortunately since then they haven’t gotten another win. The team has had two games this past week, they played River Ridge High School on Monday March 20th, they lost this game 6-3. Lakes did great in the game both defensively and offensively, theerrors just added up to get them back in the end. They had another game on Tuesday March 21st against Bonney Lake High School, with no surprise due to Bonney Lake’s history, Lakes lost a hurting 23-2. In that game the team was proud they played well offensively, scoring two runs was good considering their competition. They got multiple base hits and stolen bases. Defensively, they got many of their outs from caught pop fly balls by our outfielders, or caught line drives by 3rd basemen, Savanna Newville and shortstop Samara Oliver. There were many other tag outs, and a few double plays. This was a good learning experience for the team to be on the other side of the score of a blow out game, comparing to their first game against Washington the team played with less enthusiasm against Bonney Lake. The team learned not the guess the game, to never assume the outcome and not to play to that outcome. To always play with the intent to win.

We are especially proud of our starting pitcher Jessie Hendrick who has carried the team this week with pitching!! In the teams’ game against Bonney Lake we were missing our back up pitcher and Jessie took on pitching the whole game! Not only did she pitch, but she also made defensive plays, and batted in the line up. She does a whole lot for the team and she leads the team as one of our awesome captains! Our other captain is Pyriel Noble, both of these amazing girls are such a light to the team. They are always uplifting others even when in doubt themselves, they care so much for the team and make sure everyone goes into every game at their best.