UW Cherry Blossoms


multiple UW cherry blossom trees in the Quad

Beverley Kirkwood, Reporter

Now that it is officially spring it is almost time to see all the beautiful sights including the iconic cherry blossoms at the University of Washington. Though usually the flowers would have bloomed around this time of year, the bloom has been delayed due to the cold weather. “The cold snap has delayed the blooms slightly, but I don’t anticipate any damage to the blossoms as a result of the cold weather,” said Sara Shores, the UW campus arborist. This week, the trees will likely hit 10% bloom, meaning that 1 in 10 buds are expected to bloom into pink or white flowers.

The Quad is where the iconic 29 cherry blossoms trees are, but trees are also sprinkled throughout the whole campus. If you can’t wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom, the plum trees are already blossomed, and you can visit to see them!

To those that can’t make it, UW has a live stream in the Quad, and in the red square so that you can see the progress of the cherry blossoms!

If you want to avoid the crowds and congestion, the school recommends visiting early on a weekday. You can also use the light rail to avoid traffic.

Visitors are encouraged to be respectful and not climb trees or shake them because they can cause damage.

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UW cherry blossom buds
Blossom Buds