Man Driving Wrong Way I5


Lyla Combs, Writer

Tuesday at around 3:10 pm, a 53-year-old man attempting to get away from MP’s drove on the wrong side of the freeway. This resulted in a head on collision with a large white semi-truck on I5, near the main base at JBLM. No deaths or serious injuries have been reported. Because of this, North and Southbound were backed up for several hours, causing people to be on the road for up to two hours.

Although the guy behind the wheel of the semi-truck was uninjured despite crashing and having the vehicle catch on fire, the man driving the Ford explorer was minorly injured and taken to Madigan hospital for on base medical care.

He has now been arrested for driving under the influence, and has helped us realize the damage that we can do to not only ourselves, but others when we cannot drive safely. Stay safe on the road and do not drive on the wrong side of the road.