Why is the Oscars Carpet not Red this Year?


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Champagne Colored Oscars Carpet

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Since 1961, the Oscars have been known for portraying the best actors and actresses on the infamous red carpet, but this year, we are breaking away from the red for a ‘champagne/sand’-colored carpet this year. Why?

Vogue contributor Lisa Love was the name to the big change, she expresses her opinion of having a relatively black-tie dress code being photographed mid-afternoon in broad daylight. Love believes that the carpet change will contribute to “evoke the sunset” type-feel that she was aiming for and making the Oscars seem a little more elegant. She claims, “we turned a day event into night.”

Three-time host of the Oscars this year Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the new addition to the Oscars, stating in a Hollywood Reporter interview, “I’m thrilled, I’m honored, I’m excited, mostly about the carpet. I mean, this carpet is so beautiful. It’s a remnant, we got it for a very good price downtown.” “People have been asking if there’s going to be any trouble this year, is there going to be any violence this year? I certainly hope not. But if there is, I think the decision to go with a champagne carpet rather than a red carpet shows how confident we are that no blood will be shed.”

Settling on this color was no easy task to decide though. Luckily, Academy CEO Bill Kramer gave Love and her crew lots of artistic flexability when trying to pick colors for the carpet. Love stated, “We had to first come up with the tent and what color that would be. In order to block the light that had to be a darker color. You’ve seen it as a sienna or saffron-colored sienna which connotes the color of sunset. Where do you see the sunset best? From the sandy beaches with a glass of champagne in your hand. This is about getting ready for the golden hour that follows the show.”

With Love claiming there will be other intentional changes to the Oscars in the near future, the only real change this year is in the carpet.

The Oscars air live on ABC on Sunday, March 12th 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific but the pre-show on the now champagne carpet will be aired at 6:30pm Eastern/3:30pm Pacific.


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