The Truth About ASB


Erin McDowell

Carly and Omar, two of our Lakes ASB seniors.

There is so much that ASB does for the students of Lakes. They plan events including assemblies, prom, fundraiser events and so much more. They put so much time and effort for the students, so this article is made to spotlight their efforts. We interviewed the assembly crew along with Carly and Omar.

First, we interviewed our assembly crew to ask them how the assemblies are planned. Their first step is to come up with activity ideas and topics needed in the assembly. Next, they have to get the list approved by the administrators and the district, once it is approved, they begin creating the scripts. ASB hopes that students enjoy the assemblies, and they ask for your engagement and excitement.

If you ever wondered how we get funding for events like prom, ASB puts together fundraisers. On Friday, the third Buff Puff was held. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed supporting the junior and senior players. What a lot of people do not know is that the ASB put together the whole event. Carly and Omar told us about how Buff Puff came to be. They took ideas from last year’s Buff Puff, but wanted to make it more engaging. That’s why there were students involved, and games in between sets, they wanted students to be engaged and have fun. A lot of communication went into this event, they had to find people to referee and judge the game. They ended up having to find a referee the day before, and the gym did not have any volleyballs. The plan started to fall apart, but everything fell into place due to the teamwork of Carly and Omar.

For Seniors, prom is coming up and there is a lot of planning going into it by the Seniors in ASB. The first thing they must complete is gaining funds, that’s why they hold events like Buff Puff. The money from that goes to the funding for prom. This year we get to have prom at an outside location, they even started looking for one last May, to be prepared for this year. The Seniors in ASB want to make sure that everyone has a good time, so they try to listen to ideas and concerns from students. For example, they take input from the students so that they pick the right DJ, food, and decorations. The Senior ASB students start creating the decorations weeks in advance so that on the day of Prom, everything is ready for the underclassmen who are in charge of putting up the decorations. The most important thing to remember is that our Senior ASB students have been working on this since they were Juniors last year. They have worked hard and value everyone’s input. Carly and Omar hope that all Seniors have an amazing time.


The Freshmen are excited to be a part of ASB. They said that ASB is inclusive, Freshman student Nevaeh said that she is coming back to ASB next year. Through ASB, the Freshmen are given an opportunity to put themselves out there. As a first year ASB student, they observe the upperclassmen and take on tasks like organizing spirit week and get to create connections. ASB President Carly, applaud the Freshman because they are always willing to work hard.

We asked Carly and Omar what they want the student body to know about ASB. “We are doing it for them,” they immediately replied. There is a lot that goes into planning assemblies and events, including contacting people outside of school, communicating with clubs, and on top of that organizing the event. They know that there will be people who are not going to be happy with the outcome of an event, but even knowing that, they put a lot of effort in to make it enjoyable for everyone. Carly and Omar enjoy being able to plan events, and are glad that ASB created many opportunities to be able to speak with people outside of ASB, helping create connections including being able to advocate for the voices of the students with the school intendent.

ASB puts in a lot of effort into planning school events, behind the scenes for the student body. Please be mindful that ASB sees all comments coming from students, which includes both positive and negative input. Make sure to encourage them with a lot of positive feedback so that they feel appreciated, they do it all for us!