Places to Visit During Spring Break

Kristin Pyle, Reporter

If you are an outdoorsy person looking for either a hike through the forests of Washington or a nice walk on the beach, here are a few options: 

Astoria, Oregon-

My first, and only out-of-state recommendation is Astoria, Oregon. Although it is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, the rich history of this tiny coastal town is worth it. You might know movies like The Goonies, Free Willy, or Into the Wild. They were all partially filmed in Astoria, and you can even visit sights like the house from The Goonies. If that isn’t your scene you can also visit the Wreck of the Peter Iredale, a shipwreck that has been in Astoria since it ran ashore on October 25, 1906. There are also many aesthetically pleasing cafes, bookstores, and vintage stores. 

Forks & La Push, Washington-

If you are a fan of Twilight or want to experience Washinton’s beautiful sea stacks and unreal forests I suggest Forks and La Push, Washington. They are very close to each other but about three hours from Lakewood. On the road out to La Push there are signs for beaches you can walk too. My recommendation is to stop at Beach 2 and do the ten-minute walk out to the sea stacks. It’s very steep and you will wish you never walked down when you have to walk back up, but I promise it’s worth it, especially during low tide. When you’re done with your exploring you can stop at Pacific Pizza in Forks for a delicious slice of homemade, local pizza. 

Ruby Beach & The Tree of Life-

If you decide to make the journey to Forks, you might as well stop at Ruby Beach and the Tree of Life. They are about an hour from Forks and have the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen if you catch them at the right time. Washinton is also home to the Tree of Life, a Sitka Spruce that has become famous for its root cave and surviving off what seems to be no soil. Many people travel here just to see it, and it’s something you need to experience in your lifetime. 

Hoh Rainforest-

Another option near Forks would be the Hoh Rainforest. This unique ecosystem is like nothing you will see anywhere else in the world because it is the most carefully preserved rain forest in the northern hemisphere and has gone unchanged for thousands of years. The moss on the trees and the sheer size of them reminded me of Pandora from the movie Avatar, it was that otherworldly and beautiful. 

If you want to spend your spring break traveling, I suggest making the last three destinations into a multiple day road trip.