What’s The Drama with Mrs. Navarro?


Erin McDowell

Mrs. Navarro is a teacher here at lakes. She teaches Drama, stagecraft, AP Biology and is the head of senior advisory.

Erin McDowell and Beverley Kirkwood

We had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Navarro for the teacher spotlight! You might know her from teaching performing arts classes, or as the director of the school plays. We asked and learned what plans she has been working on.

Although anticipated upon, unfortunately the Addams’ family play has been canceled due to a shortage of performers. However, Peter Pan will be performed in April which even includes a pirate ship made by Mrs. Navarro’s dad! We hope you look forward to it!

Mrs. Navarro is excited about the play and says that preparation is going well because they are practicing three months in advance. We are thankful for all the hard work she invests into both students and performers.

We asked Mrs. Navarro what people don’t know about her, surprisingly, she has an astigmatism in her eyes, and more cones than the regular person giving her the ability to see more colors than most people.

Her favorite class to teach is stage crafts! She says that she enjoys being able to see students express their creative side.

You might not know this about her, but she is the AP Biology teacher, so we asked her what it was like teaching performing arts and AP Biology. She told us it’s very different, she has to be able to use both sides of her brain all day. She feels proud that she is able to prove that someone who does performing arts can also be smart.

An ironic fact about her is that she does not like Shakespeare, but she does enjoy the controversy around him.

A comment she wanted to make was that she appreciates this staff spotlight. When she joined the Lakes staff eleven years ago, she wasn’t included in the welcome assembly for new teachers. She stated that the performing arts program does not receive as much attention as other departments.

At the end of our interview, we asked Mrs. Navarro for a message to her students. “Keep on being you. Don’t let anyone make you change who you are!”