Toxic Train Derailed in Ohio


Ava Eckley, Reporter

On February 3rd, a train with toxic chemicals was derailed in north-eastern Ohio, causing surrounding areas even into Pennsylvania to an immediate evacuation in the area. Chemicals including vinyl chloride which had been released during the train wreck that could potentially cause cancer according to the National Cancer Institute. Many Ohioans have moved back into the area, but are being asked to use only bottled water, until they can ensure the safety of the faucet water, as well as being asked to mostly stay indoors due to the unsureness of incoming “acid rain”.”What does this mean for the environment?” Is one of the biggest questions being asked in this situation. Tons of wildlife have died due from this toxic substance,  according to “About 3,500 fish ranging across 12 species died from the water contamination washing down streams and rivers.” What are the future Impacts? We know that we will no doubt suffer long term effects,, but sources don’t know exactly what that includes yet.

As always, any help is welcomed.