Upcoming chess club at Lakes 


Gioavnna Robles, reporter

Last weekend, sophomore Tyler Crabbe competed at Centralia College in the SW Washington High school team and individual chess competition. Tyler was competing representing Lakes High School. He has also qualified for state multiple times before. Tyler has been playing chess since he was in the third grade. He learned to play chess from his mom Carrie Crabbe. They love going to competitions together and Tyler said his favorite part is spending time with his mom.  Tyler placed 4th out of 277 other players. Tyler has had so much fun playing chess in other competitions he wants Lakes to have their own chess team! Tyler has qualified multiple times to state but has not been able to go because you must be in a chess team. Tyler has great potential and so do many others! 

To get information for chess club Tyler will be creating an ASB video and posting posters in the hallways. They have no advisor or coach at this moment, but Tyler is considering Mr. Tebow even though Tyler beat him in a match! Anyone can join this club if interested and there will be no cuts. This is just for fun! The school approved to support chess club and are still waiting for approval to do fundraisers for tournaments and traveling. Tyler said there is a lot of tragedy that goes into chess, but he is there if anyone needs help! He is really excited about this team and hopes they can all go to the state! If you are interested join the upcoming Lakes chess club!!!