Frank Ocean at Coachella and Potential Album


Frank ocean at the Grammy Awards

EvaLynn Sias

Frank Ocean is playing at Coachella this year and everyone who loves him is very excited, emphasis on very. For starters Coachella is this huge music festival that plays in the summertime. People from all over America attend because of the big artist that preform there. Frank Ocean hasn’t dropped an album since Blond which was released in 2016. Usually when Frank Ocean or any artist really, preform after a long break there’s a potential album on the rise. Thats the case with Frank Ocean. He has already dropped two songs, DHL and In My Room with the same cover art hinting at his next album. He has also released new merch and posters and many of his posters have very long messages basically confirming his new album. They also express his reasons for not releasing one sooner. After Blond his brother, Ryan Breaux had gotten into a car accident and passed. After that we haven’t had an album since. But now we are getting one and it’s a very exciting thing to look forward to other than him headlining Coachella this year.