Major Airport in Pierce County Being Reconsidered


A few months ago, there began talks to build a major airport in rural Pierce County. With much pushback from the public and a new bill emerging, lawmakers are considering new locations. Pierce County commissioners filled a resolution to have the CACC (Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission) take Peirce County of the list of options for major airport sites.

The CACC might be dissolved before they can reconsider. Bill 1791 has been submitted to have the CACC taken apart. If the bill goes through, with the CACC gone a group of people including the aviation industry, environmental experts and citizens would come together to create a committee taking the responsibilities of the CACC. There is still a chance the bill might not go through.

The concerns this airport brings up is, the environmental impact it will have on rural communities, how will it affect air and land quality?

Some of the locations proposed have homes sitting right in the middle, people would lose their homes due to a major airport being built.

A major concern brough up was from Joint Base Lewis-McChord. They are worried about the close proximity of a few proposed sites to the base.

There is still no guarantee that the Pierce County locations are off the table, but it is being talked about amongst Washington state commissioners and lawmakers.

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