Man shot during robbery in Lakewood, man then robs 14 year old


7/11 robbed and police there.

Hans Bruun

In the broad daylight of Lakewood, Washington, a suspect shot one person and then robbed a teenager in a matter of minutes. Around 1:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 7-Eleven located on 108th Street in the Arrowhead neighborhood of Lakewood. A man was shot while attempting to defend a woman during an armed robbery, according to deputies. The victim was transported to the hospital, and authorities anticipate that he will recover. However, according to deputies, the victim is not assisting investigators. The suspect allegedly then robbed a 14-year-old passing by the scene, according to deputies. “This young man was literally skateboarding by when he was robbed of his backpack. Sgt. said, “You would do that to a young child is just really despicable.” Darren Moss, a member of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. He claimed that the suspect took the boy’s school laptop. Here at Lakes, we had a full lockdown  and were told the situation. This lockdown was extremely tame and calm compared to one on Friday 3. Feb. Law enforcement have not released any suspect details. They ask anyone with information to contact the sheriff’s department