New Student Store Open Now


The Snack Shack is now open in between the cafeteria and student store during all three lunches.

Lyla Combs, Reporter

As many have noticed, we have a new student store open in between the student run store and the cafeteria, called the Snack Shack! As lunches begin, a long line has been formed to even get into this popular attraction. Many students are mesmerized by the nachos with numerous toppings to add, chicken strips, izzys, ice cream, including many more items.

Unlike the cafeteria, the Snack Shack is similar to a real store where you can walk in and grab your items, no order necessary. For payment options, you can pay upfront or put it onto your account with just a few clicks.

Over fifteen out of twenty students who were asked said that they would rather eat at the snack shack than buy a school lunch from the cafeteria. If your peers like it, so will you!