“Chemicals of emerging concern”


Erin McDowell

Scientist have found hundreds of concerning chemicals that flow into the Puget Sound. Some are harmless but many are causing emerging health problems primarily with fish and orcas.

The chemicals scientists have found to be causing the most problems for marine life are antibiotics, antidepressants, and even lipstick and mascara.

There are many effects of these chemicals on marine life like, problems in reproduction with types of salmon, which is a problem for orcas since that is a main source of their food.

Scientists are urging people to only use antibiotics if needed, lessen your use of specific makeup products and lotions to reduce waste that could make its way to the Sound. Water waste treatment plants are being urged to make improvements to their systems to the chemicals can be filtered out of the water before it reaches the Sound.

If you find yourself needing to dispose of medications there are a couple of options, you can find a drug take back center also some pharmacies have drug drop boxes for medications. You can also check the FDA website to see proper ways to throw out medications and which medications are approved to be deposed of in household trashcans.

Let’s make sure to be aware of what we are using and our waste especially with products that contain chemicals which can potentially affect marine life.