South Hill Woman Run Over by Her Own Car

South Hill Woman Run Over by Her Own Car

Erin McDowell

On January 10th a woman in south hill was run over by her own car. The police stated, she was moving her cars around and one ran over her.

As the investigation has gone on there is new information’s and theories are coming out.

The way the car ended up when the police arrived on the scene does not back up the story that it was in reverse and ran her over. The car was found backed into a tree in the neighbor’s yard with the driver’s side door open. Her family is questioning the story that she was moving the cars and was accidently run over.

Her family is asking how the car ran over her and still had enough momentum to get on the sidewalk of the neighbor’s house. The family even did tests and found that she would not have been able to get out of the car while it was rolling and that when they weren’t at the wheel the car did not go straight it changed directions.

I hope that the investigation turns up answers to give this family closer.

To find more information and updates on the investigation go to: Family of South Hill woman run over by her own vehicle question circumstances of her death (