A History of Mistakes


Makayla Comoza, Reporter

In New York, Brooklyn July 10th, 2020, an anesthesiologist named Dr. Dmitry Shelchkov had been making alarming mistakes. One being when an African American twenty-six-year-old woman named She-Asia Semple came in to give birth, Dr. Shelchkov didn’t wait to see how Mrs. Semple responded to the anesthesia and gave her a full dose. Complications arose and Mrs. Semple began to struggle to breath. Dr. Shelchkov messed up the procedure instead of 4 inches into her back which is what he was instructed to do he decided to do 13 inches which was not Instructed. Mrs. Semples baby survived but unfortunately, she did not. Fortunately, Dr. Shelchkov’s license was stripped from him. Other African American women had ‘complications’ and according to the doctor notes Dr. Shelchkov was involved in each one of them.

An update about She-Asias now two year old baby girl Khloe. She has asked her father “where’s mommy?” which was included in Khloes fathers statement “they need to watch who they hire” the fact that She-Asia may not have been the first victim of Dr. Shelchkov is a really hard pill to swallow. The fact he never served any jail time and everyone just believed it was a huge ‘accident’ a big mistake he made over and over again is just awful. it’s not right that the story was pushed under the rug. It’s not right that Khloe will never be able to be with her mom. I hope that in the future we do not allow people like Dr. Shelchkov in any medical jobs, any lawful jobs, any food jobs any job that includes a diversity of people since he had such an issue with just doing his ‘straightforward’ job as he says when it comes to people of color.