The End of The Semester is Here!

Ava Bedker, Reporter


Person drowning in paperwork
Ava Bedker

The end of the semester can be a huge stress for students. With heavily weighted projects, essays and big tests hanging over our head it can be hard to find to do it all. So, I asked around to a few selected students to ask how they manage to do it all, maintaining their grades and their social life. From one of the interviewed students, she let us on the secret of time management. She plans out her day to optimize productivity. Ironically, she finds it more productive to do work in other classes then the work, for example she will do her history assignments in her English class. She states that it puts her back in control of the time being spent. Another student showcases a beautiful example of procrastination at its finest. He says that he simply does not think about it until the due date. He made a snarky joke that the due date is the doing date. Many students cope with the stress of the end of semester differently. I recommend a more organized approach making sure that everything is accounted for and finished by the due date. Prioritize the classes that are detrimental to your passing and the core classes. Don’t ignore the other ones but make the core classes a priority.