Are Lakes Drivers Good or Bad?


Lyla Combs, Writer

We asked our Lancers if student drivers here at Lakes are good or bad. Here are the results of our survey.

Good drivers


Bad drivers


Why are high school drivers so bad these days? Considering that Washington is one of the hardest states to get your license, this is perplexing. How is it possible to have drivers speeding at over 50 miles an hour in a parking lot. Of course the most reasonable answer is that these are all new or somewhat new drivers who may have gotten their license fairly recently. Without the practice, it is common to nearly crash or not be comfortable with your vehicle.

Another reason is peer pressure from friends. Many people convince friends to speed, race, ride with no seatbelts, which is causing many accidents, car wrecks, and serious injury . The Center for Disease Control explains the top reasons why high schoolers are such horrible drivers.

Finally, phones these days are one of the most used tool in America, mainly used with high schoolers who are known to be addicted. Phones while driving can cause a huge distraction, juristically increasing rates of crashes.  Almost 3000 high school students in the United States alone have been killed, with 227,000 injured in motor vehicles crashes in one year alone. High schoolers now know that their peers are bad drivers, so why are we not trying to drive better?  Ways to help teens be more safe and effective while driving are having a parent-child agreement with driving rules, avoiding driving at night, always wearing a seatbelt, avoid driving other people around unless needed or you feel ready. Driving is a privelige and we must earn the ability to be behind the wheel.