Lakes Lancer Improvements

Lakes Lancer Improvements

Rieley Peak and Brookelle Barnes

We went around to ask your fellow classmates and staff what they would like to improve or change about the school:

Here are the staff responses:

“More athletic facilities. More locker rooms and storage.”-Gary Larson

“Treating people better.”- Hector

“I wish that this school was allowed to hold people accountable for their actions.”- 4 staff members have said this.

“6 periods instead of 8.”- Mr. stella

“Improving relationships among students because of covid.”- Mauer-Smith

“I want to give students a longer passing period to called ‘snack break’ everyday between 1st and 2nd period for students to get food/snacks.”- Mrs. Harrell

“I would want to improve the discrimination around school.”- Miss A

“Later start time for more sleep but getting out at the same time.” Mrs. Houseman

“Students and teachers need better access to printers, having someone to make copies and have access to the copy machine, and the bathroom being locked.”- Herr Gosselin

“Regulation of phone usage”

“Bring back free lunch.”

“Better communication all around and spreading kindness.”

“Personalized parking space and door to my room”- Mr. Clark

These are your fellow Lancers responses:

“If teachers can do a better job at being a support system for their students, we’d have a better school.”- Sonsierra Warren

“The bathrooms.”- Peyton Smith

“The way staff handles situations.”- Dylan Farmer

“The Staff.”- Mary Wray

“How people walk in the hallways.”- Omar Arroyo

“Have our bathrooms unlocked.”- Joshua Young

“The men and the freshman.”- Haylee Gilbert

“Niva’s homework.”

“There needs to be more diversion training, teachers should be educated on current events in school. As well as change the restrictions on the bathrooms because it is illegal to lock so many bathrooms.”- Amira Smith

“Being more flexible with schedules and students’ personal lives. There is a double standard between teachers asking for the flexibility but not being able to do the same for students.”- Yabi Santiago & Amira Smith