6-year-old student shoots Virginia teacher

6-year-old student shoots Virginia teacher

Erin McDowell, Reporter

A few weeks ago, a 6- year-old boy shot his teacher, in Virginia. the student was taken into custody, and the teacher was sent to the hospital. She is beginning to recover.

This incident has sparked many conversations, why is a child this young shooting his teacher, how did he even get access to the weapon, and how can schools take more safety measures for this not to happen?

Before this incident an anonymous source reported that the student might have a weapon, when the school checked his bag, they did not find anything.

So how did he get the weapon in the first place? The police know that the weapon was registered to the child’s mother, but how he gained access to it is still unknown.

The school district has decided that metal detectors will be installed at the school, this is their idea as a way to prevent weapons entering the school.

This is a very sad situation with a beloved teacher being shot and a child so young being the shooter it’s hard to grasp what happened.

Hopefully things will calm down for this school and the children who attend it.