Ginny and Georgia season 2 premier


Giovanna Robles, Reporter

On January 5th, the popular Netflix series Ginny and Georgia released season 2. If you are unfamiliar with Ginny and Georgia, this show is based on a family of 3 who move to a new town to try and settle down but instead things get even crazier.  This show is rated TV14 and is currently ranked number one on Netflix’s top 10. This show was such a hit when the first season came out, they were immediately renewed for a second season 2 weeks after it came out. This show captures many funny, emotional, scary and loving moments.

There are many reviews saying that season 2 has already been better than season 1. Many people are wondering if there is a season 3 because of the twist at the end. According to the pop buzz article there is not yet a green light and they don’t know for sure if there is a season 3 yet. We are all hoping there is because they’re so many questions that need to be answered. If you haven’t yet go watch Ginny and Georgia season 2 right now!