There is a Ghost in the Lakes Library


ghost location

Ghost Writers, Reporter

Through thorough investigating of the Lakes High School library, we have confirmed that there’s a ghost in the library. When walking through the skybridge, the second display window down from the success building shows two haunting and faded images when looked at from a diagonal angle. Mrs. Crow (the librarian) has confirmed that the photos etched into the glass are old images of staff members placed there by the previous librarian (pre-pandemic). There seemed to be silhouettes of about 5-7 people in one photo along with a duo photo of what seems to be an older man but there identities remain unknown.

We believe that Mr. Lindh knows more than he is willing to tell us, because he is one of the only people who knew about this besides Mrs. Crow. Is Mr. Lindh the ghost of the Lakes library? What does he know that we don’t?