Holiday Spots to Visit


Lyla Combs, Reporter

During the holidays is one of the best and most beautiful times to travel. There are many spots to check out, here are some places around you to check out!


In Leavenworth, they have a beautiful reindeer far along with a ski hill, for all ages including beginners and experts. It is fun for the whole family and a great touristy place. It also includes a gingerbread factory where you can create beautiful gingerbread creations and enjoy time with friends and family.


Up in Seattle, people gather around to watch holiday musicals and shows at the Moore theatre. Over at the Seattle waterfront, you can watch as the Christmas ship festival passes you by. You can also find a Hallmark Christmas in both Leavenworth and Seattle.


Driving there will be worth it up in Bellevue where the Christmas lights decorate the entire city. They celebrate with a Reindeer festival, Holiday markets, and a Holiday festival with a craft fair, fun for family or a small gathering, or even just for you!

Happy Holidays!