It’s Romcom Season!


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Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Kristin Pyle, Reporter

With winter break quickly approaching we will all have a lot of free time on our hands. What better to do with it than binge-watch romantic comedies?  

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

The first, and arguably the most important is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This iconic movie features Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) and Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey). Ben makes a bet that he can make someone fall in love with him in 10 days, while Andie is writing an article about how she can get rid of a guy in 10 days. The movie has also sparked the Tik Tok trend with the song “You’re so Vain” by Carly Simon. 

When Harry Met Sally 

Another staple romcom is When Harry Met Sally. Two college graduates decide to carpool from Chicago to New York, which also happens to be the first time they have met. During this ride they have a disagreement that men and women can never truly be platonic friends. This movie is perfect for the fans of the “friends to lovers” trope. 

The Proposal 

We all know that Ryan Reynolds is a romcom must. In The Proposal he plays Andrew Paxton, an aspiring book editor. Andrew is an assistant to his ruthless boss Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock. Margaret is about to be deported to Canada and the only way she can think of to stay in America is to marry her assistant Andrew. It gets messy but they must make their “love” believable. 

Me Before You 

I wouldn’t really call this one a romcom, but it deserves an honorable mention. Me Before You is the type of movie that can make you feel so good, but then so horrible in less than two hours. If you need a good cry, I suggest this one. Lou is scrambling to find a job to support her family and stumbles upon Will. He was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down and has given up on ever being happy. Lou’s beautiful yet strange personality saves him, but not in the way you would think.