Brazil Lost the World Cup


Gigi Torres, Reporter

As we all know, Brazil in the World Cup was undefeated until today they lost their game against Croatia. Croatia is advancing to the semifinals. All fans of Brazil are shocked and really sad; Croatia took this big win all from the penalties.

This is a really sad day for Brazil but, not for Argentina! On ESPNFC they noticed all Argentina fans were celebrating about the loss of Brazil. They are happy they lost because they are their biggest competitors.

An addition to this celebration of the Argentina fans celebrating they might have a chance to win the World Cup because one of their best player number 10 Lionel Messi this will be his last world cup he will be in.

Before Brazil lost the world cup on ESPNFC they asked if Neymar will play again in the world cup and he stated “I can’t guarantee that I’ll play another (World) Cup… I honestly don’t know. I’ll play like it’s the last.” After the game Ivan Perisic’s son, Leo, ran over to console Neymar after the Match. That really shows great sportsmanship. Congratulations Croatia for taking this win and showing respect.