Kayne Recent Podcast

Gigi Torres

Recently the famous rapper Kayne West has been “cancelled” for the things he has said. Kayne is no longer a Billionaire because of his actions and sayings he has done recently. Adidas cut off their contract with him because the things he has said.

Kayne West recently was on a podcast with Alex Jones he stated “He sees good things about Hitler.” He also stated that everyone brings good things to the table especially Hitler.  When people heard this statement, they freaked out. Hitler did some horrible things to Jews and no one should ever praise someone who hurt innocent people.

An addition to this Kayne says he loves Jewish people but also loves Nazis. He also said that he doesn’t like the word “evil” next to the word “Nazis.” On the podcast Alex Jones had to disagree with this statement and said “Just because you don’t like one group doesn’t mean the other.”

People have noticed in one of Kayne’s songs which is called “Flashing lights” (feat. Dwele), in one of the lines he says “I hate these people more than a Nazi.”

Some people feel sympathy for Kayne because his mom passed away Donda West. Some people feel like that shouldn’t affect you by what you are saying to people or saying.