Favorite Christmas Movies


Lyla Combs, Reporter

We asked Lancers all around the school what their favorite Christmas Movies are…here are the top 5 results!

Elf- 17

Home Alone- 15

Christmas Vacation- 8

The Grinch- 6

Nightmare before Christmas- 4


Elf is the ultimate Christmas winner! But the real question is, why is it so amazing?

Many people said because of Will Ferrell, it’s an original, and it makes people laugh. Do you agree or disagree with this? Let us know and add your favorite Christmas movie in the poll!

People had many different opinions on their favorite Christmas movies, and let’s find out why…

“Santa Claus is the best because it’s incredibly unrealistic and goofy.” -Sunny, a Junior here at Lakes.

“The live action Grinch because its funny and its just better than all the other ones.” -Haley, Junior.

“Nightmare before Christmas because it mixes two holidays and that’s cool.” -Christopher Cosio, Sophomore.

Elf - Official Trailer 2019 - YouTube