Spreading Awareness


Giovanna Robles, Reporter

It’s important that we spread awareness about the ones who have special needs. A lot of people with special needs get bullied because they appear different, but what’s so different about them? The answer is nothing, therefore we should talk about this situation more. I went around the school interviewing students and staff’s opinions on spreading awareness for special needs students and they made good points.

Rieley peak sates that “they need to be treated normally and people need to stop being so scared to talk and interact with them.”  Many people explained that they think it should be spoken of more because it’s such an important thing that your kind to everyone. It’s not fair to them to be treated differently because they’re still human at the end of the day. Alannah Martinez gave such a wonderful explanation that I think everyone needs to hear. She says that “Everyone should be educated on different people’s disabilities because they didn’t choose this, and people should be educated before judging.” she then explains that “there’s a lot of people who are made fun of because of what they have, and it should be spread more, and we shouldn’t limit them because of what they have.” I asked this friend group at lunch and then heard a student Lee Synder ask his friend “what is the difference between me and you and someone that has a disability, nothing because we were all the same.”

It’s so important that we don’t just ignore people who have disabilities because they need friends too. It’s even more important that we include them and treat them the way we would anyone else. It doesn’t take a lot to make everyone happy. Just the slightest thing such as a smile or a wave just makes anyone’s day. It makes me even happier when I see them at lunch, and they ask me to sit with them and we just talk about who their favorite teacher is or what they’re eating for lunch.  Many of them told me that they’re favorite teacher was Mr. Reece, and they loved the baby class. It’s the small things that matter, make sure to treat others the way you would want to be treated and just always be kind.